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TAG Celebrated Its 20th Birthday - 09/22/2016

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President Paul Alves presided over the Tire Alliance Group's 20th annual meeting in the Big Apple.

TAG President

In 20 years, the Tire Alliance Groupe Ltd. (TAG) has grown dramatically. From six members in 1996 to 16 (and counting), the buying group also has increased its tire unit purchases by close to 400%. 
As the group celebrates its milestone anniversary at its annual meeting in New York City, President Paul Alves is looking ahead, not back.
“We’re going to add some membership, but we’re going to add good partners strategically,” he says. “We’re also going to continue looking at exclusive lines, and not only private brands like our new Pantera. We are even talking with our branded vendors about proprietary brands within their own lineup.”
Alves describes TAG as a “benchmarking group” with profitable buying programs that bring value to its members.
“Our programs are always changing because the market is changing. We have to adapt to that."

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