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TAG Members enjoy significant advantages and favorable pricing through the group's preferred vendor programs

Membership in Tire Alliance Groupe

The Tire Alliance Groupe (TAG) provides an extensive customer base to its many Preferred Vendors in exchange for a business relationship based on total group commitments. The volume of business conducted by our over 400 independent dealers (with over 2000 retail outlets) is substantial by any comparison. This is assured because membership in TAG requires a commitment from each dealer/member to purchase minimum volumes through our TAG-sponsored buying opportunities. In exchange for this commitment, each member is part of a large network of like-minded dealers with primary marketing areas.

Benefits of TAG Membership

Along with aggressive program pricing on many products for the aftermarket and savings in the expenses associated with operating their businesses, TAG members also share many intangible benefits that are often difficult to value. Yet, many members cite this type of benefit as the ones with the most value to them.

These other benefits include:

  • TAG's general meeting sessions where members collectively seek and improve competitive advantages in the marketplace.
  • A source of information on how other retailers manage challenging issues such as advertising, employee benefits, insurance, real estate, etc.
  • Group benchmarking sessions where ratios and indicators are shared to see how your business measures up to the premium retailers in North America.
  • NO membership fees or participation dues.
  • Exclusive product lines.
  • Volume Rebates on overall tire purchases.
  • Direct relationships between members and our vendors are retained, while also enhanced through the Group Dynamic.

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