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TAG Quick Facts

Founded in 1995

Launched with 483 Retail Locations

Fifteen Full Members

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About Tire Alliance Groupe

TAG's Founding

In 1995 during a supplier sponsored trip to Japan, several major regional retailers began informal discussions of the benefits of partnering their businesses in a strategic alliance to help one another survive the public strategy put forth by the emerging mass merchandisers and price clubs of dominating the replacement tire industry as self-proclaimed "category killers."

Upon their return from the trip, these regional retailers came together to formally pursue a concept to level the field of competition. As a result, the Tire Alliance Groupe (TAG) was formed with 483 retail locations. This initial alliance resulted in unprecedented strategic alliances and supply agreements that would provide TAG with exclusivity of major brand products and services at pricing competitive with the largest competitors.

TAG Today

Today, TAG has fifteen full members. Five of those members represent groups themselves. When all business owners in those various groups are considered, TAG now has over 400 independent tire retailers that participate in its programs. Those 400 independent businesses operate over 2600 retail tire and automotive locations in all fifty states.

From an initial strategic alliance with one major tire manufacturer, TAG has continued to build its porfolio with exclusive programs from a variety of tire manufacturers, parts providers, equipment suppliers and service suppliers, which are critical to the success of today's tire retailer.

And Into the Future

TAG continues to add members and locations to the group. Potential new members are considered based on a number of factors, including; retail dominance, geographic diversity and willingness to commit to the TAG concept.

TAG continues to improve and enhance its offerings to its membership by upgrading existing programs and searching for new opportunities in all areas of the retail tire and automotive service industry.

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